Specialty Area: Clinical Research and Trials

Description of Specialty: Physicians who evaluate medicines prior to being approved for therapy or new combinations of medicines to treat diseases.

Questions That Should Be Asked:

  1. What is a clinical trial?
  2. How do clinical trials get answers?
  3. What are the phases in clinical trials?
  4. Who determines the number of people to make a trial significant?
  5. Can I be assured that I will get treatment in a particular trial?
  6. Are there any risks associated with a trial?
  7. If something goes wrong, who is responsible for insuring that I get care?
  8. Will I need to pay for this?
  9. Can I drop out of the trial at anytime if I chose to do so?
  10. How can I find out who sponsors the trial?
  11. Who will best guide me as to the benefits or disadvantages of the trial?
  12. Who pays the cost for the trial?
  13. Is my personal physician involved?


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